Stairlift Maintenance guide: simple ways to maintain and clean your stairlift

Written by Stannah

stairlift maintenance guide

Stairlift maintenance is essential to ensure that your equipment remains in full working order for years to come. But do you know how to clean and maintain a stairlift? And do you know how long a stairlift usually lasts?

The quality of Stannah equipment, combined with preventive maintenance, will help prolong the life of your equipment. Maintaining a stairlift is quite easy. Anyone can do it – you, a relative or a close friend.

Learn more about why it’s essential to maintain your stairlift and what steps you can take to do it properly.

Do you know what can affect the lifespan of your stairlift?

You need to consider a few things when buying a stairlift to ensure that it continues to work efficiently for many years and helps you remain active and independent.

These factors can shorten or prolong the lifespan of a stairlift and include manufacturing quality, installation, maintenance, among others. Let’s check a few of these in more detail.

Manufacturing and parts’ quality

One of the factors to consider is the manufacturing process and quality of the parts used in the stairlift.

Stannah stairlifts are made to last. That’s why all the parts included in our stairlifts are manufactured in our own factories, under strict quality control and safety processes.

As a result, you can be sure that you will have equipment that is safe and able to keep functioning with the same efficiency and quality for several years.


The lifespan of your stairlift is also directly related to its installation process.

Our professional team carries out rigorous measurements, using a photometric study to map your stairs carefully.

The main objective is to avoid issues during installation and early erosion of some essential components.


One of the most important factors in keeping your stairlift running smoothly is good maintenance.

We’ve seen Stannah stairlifts last for over 20 years when good maintenance practices are carried out. The more you take care of your stairlift, the longer it will last.

Stairlift maintenance: the key to increasing the lifespan of your stairlift

maintenance to increasing stairlift lifespan

Our stairlifts are designed to withstand intensive use. But like any equipment, your stairlift will require routine maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

If you use your stairlift frequently, you should clean and maintain it regularly. Stairlift maintenance is quite easy and can be done by you or someone you trust.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you increase the lifespan of your stairlift.

Cleaning and gentle lubrication

When it’s time to clean your stairlift, you should always unplug it. You should also ensure that the stairlift is on the bottom floor and powered down before cleaning it. Cleaning your stairlift at the bottom of the stairs is a way to prevent accidents.

Use a damp cloth to clean the chair, controls, footrest, armrests, and rail. Avoid using abrasive detergents.

Clean your stairlift at least once a week to make sure you remove any dust and grime that can build up over these components.

As for the rail, we recommend lubricating it every three months – this will ensure that your journeys remain as smooth as the day you use your stairlift for the first time.

Battery maintenance

The batteries used in our stairlifts are rechargeable, which makes them highly energy efficient. For added safety, the batteries are placed in a closed compartment and protected against spillage.

Recharging your stairlift batteries is very simple:

  • The stairlift should always be plugged in so the batteries are always charged and ready to be used. In case of a power failure, you can make between 15 and 20 trips without having to recharge them.
  • The batteries are charged when the stairlift is parked correctly in the charging station. As for stairlifts for straight stairs, they can also be recharged while moving.

To determine how long the stairlift’s batteries last, you need to consider how frequently you use it and whether you leave the stairlift out of its charging point often.

Our advice is not to leave the stairlift idle for too long. You must park the stairlift at its charging point when it is not being used, so the batteries remain fully charged.

If you wish to assess the condition of your stairlift’s batteries, you can arrange a maintenance visit. Our technicians will ensure that the batteries are functioning properly, and if not, they’ll recommend how best to proceed.

Weight limits

One factor that also influences your stairlift’s longevity is respecting its weight limits.

By respecting the weight limit set for your stairlift, you are helping to keep the motor and all the other components in good working order, avoiding premature wear and tear.

The Importance of stairlift maintenance

If you follow your stairlift maintenance procedures, you’re safeguarding the investment you made when you bought your stairlift to keep moving freely around your home.

In addition, the stairlift warranty offered by Stannah also helps you to preserve your equipment for several more years.

Stannah offers you a 2-year stairlift warranty and an efficient call-out service for your added peace of mind.

In the unlikely event you need help with your stairlift after the warranty period ends, you can always get in touch with us to find out what options are available to address the issue and ensure that your stairlift is properly maintained.

Stairlift maintenance services

If you have any questions about how to maintain your stairlift, you can always get in touch with us. Through our customer service, we can answer most of your questions without having to schedule a visit from a technical team. We suggest you keep our number on your phone so you can contact us whenever you need it.

Furthermore, you will find the best quality-price ratio in urgent interventions at Stannah. Thanks to our efficient after-sales service, you don’t need to reach out to other companies or pay for unnecessary interventions. We will always tell you exactly what you need to do to keep your stairlift in good working order – nothing less, nothing more.

We are here to help you, whatever the mobility issue you want to overcome. Contact us and find out all we can do for you.