A Guide on How to Clean Stairlifts

Taking the trip up and down the stairs can be exhausting and, in some cases, fatal. Using the stairlift, senior citizens and people with mobility challenges have found relief in overcoming this obstacle.

Written by Stannah

There are numerous stairlift designs available in the market ranging from straight, curved, outdoor, and platform. The designs are usually installed as per your staircase design to help you or your loved ones continue living independently.

How to clean a stairlift in 5 steps

You need to care for and routinely maintain stairlifts, just like any other machine. We recommend that you clean the stairlift regularly, at least once a week. It is hygienic, and doing so can help detect faults like loose nuts or knobs earlier.

We also recommend you do a routine check annually with a qualified stairlift engineer for repair and maintenance. Here is a five-step guide you can use to help you clean your stairlift properly.

Step 1

Go through the user manual. You will need to read the proper cleaning and care instructions for your stairlift.

Carefully go through the dos and don’ts so that you can get a better understanding of your machine.

You will also be able to learn more about the different parts of your stairlift, which is essential in the cleaning and maintenance process.

Step 2

Before you begin cleaning your stairlift, ensure that it is turned off. It is a precautionary measure so that you do not risk short-circuiting the system and damaging the stairlift altogether.

Another pro tip is to clean your stairlift while it is at the base of the staircase and not at the top. Attempting to clean it at the top of the staircase is risky as you could easily trip and fall, which would be tragic.

Step 3

Once you have done that, go ahead and grab your cleaning products and materials. You can easily clean your stairlift using a piece of cloth and some water.

Remember to be careful not to dampen the cloth too much, as dripping water may affect the stairlift circuitry and functionality.

Another alternative is to use an anti-static foaming cleaner. For dusty parts that may be hard to reach, use a feather duster and vacuum cleaner to get the job done.

Step 4

Start with the rail because dust particles are bound to settle on the rail with time.

With continued use, the rails can accumulate other particles such as hair or fur, forming compact material on the ends of the rail. When these particles accumulate on the rail, they will, with time, affect the functionality of your stairlift.

Use a damp piece of cloth and clean all through its length. Make sure to do this about 2-3 times for a cleaner finish.

Clean the chair, seat belts, toggles and footrest using the same damp piece of cloth, mild soap or an anti-static foaming cleaner. Make sure that you clean the areas surrounding the stairlift as well.

Step 5

After properly dusting and wiping down all the parts, let the stairlift air dry or wipe it down with a dry cloth.

You may need to lubricate the bearings and rollers every 2-3 months so that you keep it functioning properly.

Make sure to use only very little lubricant to avoid the chair sliding through the rail. If you are unsure of how to go about it, you can reach out to our experts, and we will help you.

Stairlift cleaning tips

We know that well-maintained appliances tend to last longer so, here are a few more cleaning tips to keep your stairlift in good working condition.

Stairlift cleaning products

It is advisable that you only use mild products on your stairlift. Such products include:

  • mild soap
  • ammonia
  • anti-static foaming cleaner

You can use these products to clean the rail, chair, footrest and navigation controls. On the rail, you can also use a degreasing product that does not leave a residue.

Everyday household cleaning solutions and bleaches may be too harsh for your stairlift. They may be corrosive to your machine and easily provide grounds for warranty nullification.

Battery and engine care

When your stairlift is not in use, ensure that you run it occasionally. That will help keep the engine and batteries working and operational. It is not advisable to clean the engine or batteries.

We recommend that you ensure an engineer inspects your stairlift at least once annually.

We also recommend that you do routine checks so that you can detect any problems with your stairlift early and fix them, keeping your device running well.

How can we be of assistance?

We are stairlift experts, and we offer routine cleaning and maintenance services to keep your stairlifts fault free and in good condition. If you face any challenges with your stairlifts, inquire about professional advice and services from us.



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