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Outdoor Stairlifts
For safety and comfort even outdoors

Stairlifts aren’t just for inside your house. We want to give you your independence everywhere.

Whether there are steps up to your front door, out to your back garden, down to a garage or round to a patio, our outdoor stairlift makes the outdoor spaces you love and need accessible again.

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What do you get from your outdoor stairlift?

Imagine being able to leave your house, confident in the knowledge that you’re safe accessing your home both indoors and out. We’ve been stairlift manufacturers for over 40 years so we’ve had time to hone our skills. One product we’re particularly proud of is our robust, durable outdoor stairlift.

Durable design

From just a few steps to a full staircase, an outdoor stairlift could give you the freedom to get on with the things you really want to do. Our outdoor stairlift combines the best features of our indoor stairlifts with the durable practicality needed to survive the elements, giving you freedom of movement wherever you want to go. It gives you access to the world outside the walls of your house.

Reliable engineering

Our engineers have developed a testing regime that is second to none. Every component of our stairlifts is tested for 25,000 return journeys. You’re giving yourself access to the world outside your home for years to come. Your outdoor stairlift is an investment into a healthy, active, barrier-free future. Our engineers have ensured your safety and comfort in making our Outdoor stairlifts:

  • Heat and cold resistant. Operational even at extreme temperatures.
  • Convenient. They come with 2 remote call buttons. Simply press the button to bring your stairlift to you when you’re not sitting on it.
  • Hassle-free to install. Because a stairlift is fitted to stairs, not walls. No matter what your stairs are made of, our stairlifts can be installed safely and quickly.
  • Reliable. Because Stannah stairlifts are fitted with batteries. You’ll never get stuck on your stairs, not even in a power cut, because the batteries make sure you get carried to safety.
  • Subtle. The chair folds away neatly when not in use so it barely takes up any space. The rail fits snugly to the edge of your stairs for maximum discretion and fits in with its surroundings.
  • Safe. As well as meeting international safety regulations, our outdoor stairlift can be locked with a key. You know you’ll be the only person using it. Outdoor stairlifts are also fitted with sensors to detect obstructions. If there’s anything in the way your stairlift will come to a gentle, but immediate stop.
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