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A Stairlift installation doesn’t involve extensive building work

One day is all it takes to get your whole house back. No mess. No fuss.


No building work? Then how do you install a stairlift?

A stairlift attaches to your stairs, not the wall. That means no damage to your walls and very little disruption to your home. You won’t need planning permission and you don’t need to worry about taking up your carpet.

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What happens during a Stairlift installation?

The installation itself should only take a couple of hours. It is a quick process that won’t cause too much disruption to you or your home.

You can be home during the installation, and you can even watch our friendly technicians as they work. The only thing to consider is if you’re sensitive to dust. If you are, you might not want to be too near your stairs as there is some light drilling involved in the process. It’s all over very quickly, and before you know it, you’ll have your independence back.

The average time taken for a stairlift installation is:

5 hours

When we talk about your installation, we want to make sure you know it’s not just a turnkey project. We go one step further in making sure you’re 100% confident you know how to use your stairlift safely and comfortably before we leave your house.

We don’t do things by halves.

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What happens after my stairlift is installed?

When our technicians are done with the installation they give you back your house just the way they found it. But with one added benefit: your independence.

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How should I prepare for a stairlift installation?

Before the technicians come to install your stairlift, you should look for obstructions on the stairway. The sales consultant will have made a note of things like window sills and heating pipes, but if you have plant pots or photos in the way of where your stairlift will be, you should remove them to help the technicians.

If you’re concerned about damage being done to your house, you could take a picture of the stairs before installation for added peace of mind, but our technicians are always very careful and clean up after themselves; so the only difference you should spot is your new stairlift.

The only requirement for a stairlift is a plug near the staircase to plug the lift into (this is checked during your initial home visit). Your stairlift runs on batteries, but plugging it into the outlet ensures that they’re constantly charging. If there is a power cut, you won’t get stuck on your stairs, your lift will keep working to keep you safe.

We want to get your stairlift fitted as soon as possible to get rid of the stress and fear your stairs used to inspire, and get you feeling unstoppable. As soon as you order your lift, we’ll try to schedule the most convenient time for you, and fit your stairlift to give you your independence back.
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