Stairlift Grants in Cyprus

Few people know that you can get grants to help you with the cost of a stairlift. We understand that applying for a grant can be stressful, which is why we’ve laid out some information about grants available in Cyprus, to help you work out your options.

If you want more information about the grants that may be available to you, you should contact the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, but we’ve laid out some basic information below. It might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Financial Assistance Scheme for the Provision of technical means, instruments and other aids for persons with disabilities aims to facilitate life and to promote independence and full participation of people with disabilities in social and economic life by providing financial assistance for the provision of the appropriate technical means, instruments and other aids for them to be able to do so.

To be entitled to this scheme, beneficiaries must be either:

  • Cypriot citizens
  • EU citizens who have lived in an area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus for at least 12 consecutive months
  • other foreign nationals who have a status of recognized refugee or subsidiary protection according to the refugee laws

and have severe motor, sensory or other disabilities. But it’s worth considering that priority is given depending on the severity of the disability.

The financial assistance provided shall cover up to 80% of the final price of the requested product up to a maximum amount (which is determined from time to time on the recommendation of the committee that examines the applications). However, in exceptional cases, people with very low incomes will receive up to 100% of the value of the final price.

Technical means are provided on an individual basis and serve and belong only to the beneficiary – not to institutions, organizations, schools or other persons. If the technical means are not used, or if the beneficiary passes away, the instrument should be delivered to the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

For more information about stairlift grants available to Stannah customers, contact us today. Our representatives will be happy to help you complete the relevant applications.